Saigon New Port - DiWMSVN

1. Introduction

Tan Cang Warehousing JSC, a subsidiary of Tan Cang Saigon (Saigon Newport Corporation), has successfully implemented advance warehousing solution WMSVN for Cat Lai port.

2. The Business Needs   

Saigon Newport is one of the busiest international ports in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.  Consisting of a forward thinking board of leaders, they consistently set exceptionally high goals and expectations in order to achieve outstanding business results.  From the constant need for improvement, and high regards for innovation and technology, Saigon Newport has found DiCentral to be an affinitive partner.  Saigon Newport has been utilizing various DiCentral EDI solutions to integrate and communicate with international shipping companies with high success.  Therefore, the decision to implement DiCentral WMSVN solution for the warehouse management of Cat Lai port is a natural next step undertaking, rooted in the trust of DiCentral’s high product quality, expertise and professionalism.

As you may imagined, the enormous quantity of import and export goods flowing through Saigon Newport’s CFS warehouse each day, with the inability of the legacy system to probably handle such loads, Saigon Newport was facing difficulties such as poor human resource optimization, ineffective and time consuming inventory processing, difficulty in locating, loading, organizing cargo, and slow processing of thousands of customer paper works daily.  As a result, this diminishes Saigon Newport’s operational capacity, limits its growth potential, and reduces it capability to properly serve and support its customers.  On the other hand, the move to a new system poses its own sets of obstacles and challenges that must be overcame such as the massive amount of data to be converted; large number of business need requirements must be met with high accuracy.   And last but not least, the majority of Cat Lai’s workers had grown accustomed to the old manual way of doing things, thus the new software and system must be user friendly, simple and intuitive. 

Determined, the executive leaders of Saigon Newport together with DiCentral team of experts had overcome difficulties and achieved tremendous success in the implementation of the WMSVN system.       

3. The Success Story – The  Implementation of WMSVN at Saigon Newport 

WMSVN solution has been successfully implemented for the management of CFS import and export warehouse at Saigon Newport, to better meet the high volume inventory demands while overcoming many limitations posed by the old system.  With optimized warehouse management processes, the new WMSVN system provides the following added benefits:

Automaticly inbound, oubound, picking with barcode

3.1 WMSVN warehouse management features & benefits:

  • Supports unlimited number of warehouses.
  • Centralized the management of import and export CFS warehouses.
  • Reporting system provides variety type of reports to meet different management needs.
  • Supports multiple operating systems.  Enhances resource coordination and utilization according to demands.
  • Supports creation of custom rules for cargo sorting and provide intuitive arrangement suggestion, maximizing warehouse space configuration, reduces cranes’ travel distance, and therefore increase crane’s operational productivity while reducing operational costs.
  • Paperwork processing is automated, eliminating slow manual processes.  This allows for significant increase in number of transaction to better meet customer demands in a shorter time. 
  • System ensures workflow processes are working effectively through constant error detection monitoring to provide error alerts ahead of time, preventing error during storage and retrieval.

3.2 Transparency

  • Customers can view cargo status through automatic SMS reports or via Reporting website.
  • Management reports are available through WMSVN Desktop app or via Reporting website.

3.2 WMSVN integration and expansion capabilities:

  • Ready to integrate with other systems.
  • Can be easily expanded to use on mobile platform.
  • Highly scalable, enabling new modules or various type of management function to be added.
  • Supports EDI.
  • Supports Excel.
  • It can be expanded to support addition formats (csv, text, xml, wcf service…).