Big C EDI and Integration project

Introducing EDI and ERP integration of Big C

The global retail industry has changed a lot over the past 20 years, changing from business model, business size, advertisement method, and especially in supply chain optimization to increase profitability on each product. In Vietnam, the retail industry has become vibrant since year 2007. However, supply chain cost optimization has only been of interest recently, especially in the mode of exchange of documents such as Orders, Delivery Orders, Order Change, Invoices, Delivery, inventory information of the purchaser ....

In Vietnam, almost the transaction of these documents is done manually, so purchaser and seller often encounter specific obstacles as follows:

  • Consume human resources and spend to maintain such transactions
  • Data errors caused by manual entry
  • Such transaction take much time
  • Both Seller and Purchaser face disficulty in expanding the bussiness

Big C is a large-scale retail enterprise in Vietnam. After Big C is transferred to Central, one of the largest retail groups in Thailand and in the world, Big C will be comprehensively upgraded. One of the most important content is supply chain improvement, which will begin with the application of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology to automate transactions between Big C and its suppliers.

Current PO transaction method and ASN delivery notification of Big C

Upcoming PO mode and ASN delivery notice of Big C

Benefits of applying Electronic Data Interchange (EDI.)

  • The data is transmitted and received almost exactly.
  • Transmission and receipt of data are guaranteed.
  • HR cost is reduced as 90% of transaction activity is automated.
  • Buying and selling time is reduced
  • Profit is increased
  • Expand business opportunities of suppliers in Vietnam market and to global market

On 31/10/2017 at the headquarters of Big C, 163 Phan Dang Luu Street, Ward 1, Phu Nhuan District, HCM City, N.O.II Integrated Services and Mobile Technology Co. Ltd and Big C have kicked off Big C’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and ERP Integration project between Big C and its Suppliers. More info

Documents is applied by Big C in Phase 1.