Blockchain As a service

Blockchain as a service -BaaS

If you are a retail company or distribution, 3pl, banking, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, finance or real estate, your business has many contracts and many entities participating in transactions with your company. We can say it's time for you to use Blockchain for your business. Blockchain simply is committed, transparent and immutable

The value of Blockchain really exerts a clear effect when used for transactions and commitments. The values that Blockchain brings immense. It supports many fields such as logistics, supply chain, banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and especially in the field of virtual currencies.

N.O.II is pleased to introduce the Blockchain deployment service to you. When you use our Blockchain service, it will include consultancy package and Blockchain usage strategy. However, you can also use each of the services in our package of blockchain deployments.

You already know many benefits of Blockchain in today's digital environment. What Blockchain does on the Internet is so amazing, our block chain service will help you achieve your desired goals. Besides, we also consult blockchain services to further support your business.

Our blockchain as a services

  • Blockchain as a service for education
  • Blockchain as a service for banks
  • Blockchain as a service for agriculture
  • Block chain as a services for manufacturing industry
  • Blockchain as a service for distribution industry
  • Blockchain as a service for the health sector
  • Blockchain as a service for government
  • Blockchain as a services for assembly and automation industries

We also provide a full range of blockchain application solutions such as smart contracts, procurement, logistics, logistics ... we also provide blockchain services.Some of our blockchain application solutions

Some of our blockchain application solutions

  • Blockchain applied Smart contract
  • Blockchain applied E-Bidding
  • Blockchain applied purchasing solution
  • Blockchain applied Logistic solution
  • Blockchain applied warehouse management solution
  • Blockchain applied supply chain management solution

N.O.II is pleased to hear your inquiries regarding blockchain services. We look forward to accompanying you in deploying blockchain application solutions.

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Blockchain As a service