EDI for retail - Metro Cash & Carry

Metro C&C Vietnam – Pain Points:

At the beginning 2013, 1200+ Vendors are trading with Metro C&C Vietnam

  • 80% of Vendors using e-mail/fax to receive Purchase Order from Metro
  • 20% of Purchase Orders not received by Vendors due to unstable communication method of e-mails or fax

Poor Vendors’ performance statistic such as Fill Rate and On-Time Delivery

DiCentral EDI solution implementation for Metro Cash & Carry

Hosted Service

EDI Integration


  • Enables supply chain service organizations to increase processing speed while maintaining higher accuracy levels
  • Simplifies Multi-Party (many-to-many) EDI
  • management
  • Improve productivity with DiIntegrator Enterprise’s preconfigured EDI business processes
  • Increases ROI by streamlining the customer onboarding process
  • Provides unmatched visibility across all profiles for higher level of customer service
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • By the end of 2014:

“After the implementation, thanks in large part to the Purchase Order (PO) in the new system, percent of missing PO cases has been dropping down to nearly zero for vendors using EDI” says Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam’s Supply Chain Team Leader. He also says vendor chargebacks have decreased dramatically with EDI due to the improved accuracy of orders, and that EDI is enabling more efficient direct store delivery (DSD) activity among its vendors.