Application of technology to improve enterprises’ supply chains.
  • Services - Supply Chain Management Solutions:
  • Procurement management solution - Rekochain
  • Bidding management solution - Rekochain Ebidding
  • Warehouse management solution -iBWMS
  • Delivery management solution - LogIZestic
  • Smart report BI - Turbozest
  • Blockchain service - Blockchain as a Service
  • Building data warehouse - Datawarehouse service
  • Data integration services

New information technology solutions such as Blockchain, Machine learning, AI, Big Data, Hana Turbozest, BI, IoT, Mobile app, Cloud ... today are going along with management activities of companies. These technologies and solutions have dramatically changed the methods and management mindset of leaders with profound strategic vision. User behavior has changed significantly in a positive, convenient, and timely manner, which speaks out the value of these new technologies.

N.O.II is pleased to introduce supply chain management solutions from Intelizest that apply Blockchain, IoT, AI, Machina learning based on Intel Hana's SAP Hana platform.

What makes supply chain management difficult? The specific management requires for each department. Like:

The Purchasing department needs to qualify the suppliers, the delivery quality, and control the purchase price and budget

The production department needs to have sufficient raw materials for efficient production, reducing production costs.

Warehouse department needs to optimize inventory costs, manage goods closely, support fast, accurate import and export, and optimize warehouse space.

The transport department needs to control the fleet route, fast and accurate delivery ...

Planning department requires support for forecasting and planning.

As a supply chain manager, you may have encountered difficult situations. However, once we combine intensive management solutions together with sophisticated application of new technologies and modern management thinking, your supply chain management problems willl be solved in a most effective way.

We always believe that there is no supply chain management software that fits perfectly with the management needs, only the flexibility in using the software brings the highest efficiency for supply chain management.


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A word from founder team of N.O.II

I would like to borrow an ancient proverb from a famous Vietnamese poet named Than Nhan Trung, which roughly translated as “Talent is the foundation of a country”; this proverb has been engraved deep in my mind since I was little.  Growing up, experiencing the world around me, I can only attest to the validity of such proverb as it withstood the test of time.  From an entrepreneur’s perspective, N.O.II is founded on the basis of such doctrine. The future of N.O.II is in the hands of such talented individuals, who carry deep respects and optimism for the future to come.

N.O.II defines talent through a unique standard.  That is to say, to achieve a college degree, a person may work hard and focus for three to four years, but to truly be a useful person in life, you may have to spend a lifetime.  For that reason, we want to build a future together with individuals who are patient and inquisitive, to learn, to improve and to progress each and every day. 

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N.O.II welcomes talents with aforementioned qualities.  Together, we will redefine the meaning of Information Technology Vietnam, redefine the idea of strength, and redefine Vietnam intellect in the new era, and to make dreams a reality for a better today and tomorrow.

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