Software Integrated solution

Integrated Business Solutions used electronic data interchange (EDI) technology

Have your business enjoyed the efficiency of a centralized management system such as ERP or simply a stable accounting system?  Similarly, your business needs to exchange data with other partners, and customers; such needs are an essential part of today’s business transaction.    

The needs for a solution to minimize data input errors, reducing time and efforts, or the ability to effortlessly produce business reports, and receipts… N.O.II provides trustworthy and reliable software integrated solutions to help your business to do just that.  We are a team of highly qualified professional with experience in complex software integrated solution implementation ready to work together with you, to unify your data inputs and integrate directly with your internal management system or conversely deliver important data to your business partners through our system instead. 

Using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology, data are standardized and consolidated between systems, simplifying the data exchange process.  When already using system such as ERP, it is a great opportunity to effortlessly apply and exploit our solutions to digitize your orders, invoices, and ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice), to reduce processing time and increase productivity. 

We believe that our integration solutions will enable a never before level of confident and reliability for your business and IT system.  

Software Integrated solution