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The reality of information technology investment projects in Vietnam, from small to large, such as F&B solution, HR, Retails, and especially ERP solutions, is often a struggle between the client and the software providers, as consequences of the following (but not limited to):

  1. Conflict of interests, software vendors wanting to complete project quickly, ignoring customer’s interests.
  2. Due to personal interest, project sponsors reluctant to sign off on project payments, leading to unnecessary delays.
  3. Conflicts during implementation
  4. Unable to change current business process to properly utilize new systems and solution.
  5. Software cannot be customized or configured to meet customer’s requirements.
  6. Changes in available resources.
  7. Encountering too many issues when diving into project details, due to lack of expertise, poor requirement documentations, or misled software limitations. 

For these reasons, many IT investment projects are either a complete failure or delayed, or unable to meet expected project objectives.  Therefore, in order to help you to successfully achieve your project goals and minimize risks, N.O.II provide IT project management experts with deep knowledge and experience, committed to your project success.  Our project management team will act at the liaison, bridging the gap between solution provider and client, ensuring project interests and objectives on both sides are met, on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

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IT Project Management