Intelizest Partner

After a period of cooperation in developing information technology projects in Vietnam from mid-2019,  early 2020 N.O.II is pleased to become the exclusive partner of Intelizest in Vietnam.

We believe in the success of this cooperation based on a combination of new technology solutions from Intelizest and N.O.II's consulting and implementation experience.

Intelizest is one of the Specialized Supply Chain Management Solutions Providers in Asia providing Product Implementation and Consultancy Services. At Intelizest, we engage in the development, design and deployment of digitally advanced solutions within Information Technology. We stand for Excellence, Passion, Innovation, Stability and Flexibility. Our unique industry-based consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

In order to create software products that are tailor-made to meet your unique business requirements, we use our expertise to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies like:

  • Deep Learning which includes IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain
  • Cloud Services that are capable of addressing all the needs and requirements of the business
  • Data Collection through Commodity and Smart Sensors to track ‘Proprietary’ and ‘Real’ time data

Intelizest’s portfolio of services includes Design, Development & Implementation, Upgrade & .Modernisation, Support & Maintenance, Management Information & Reporting, Integration, Mobile, Roadmap & Enhancements, Training & Enablement, Centres of Excellence and Consultancy. With a focus on superior project management and strong commitment to quality professionals and structure, we provide our clients with added value, high- quality and cost – effective software consulting expertise and solutions. Our desire to push the boundaries of technology drives us to constantly innovate, giving our clients the best solutions to transform their business.

The demand to apply supply chain management solutions, big data processing and especially Blockchain services is the current technology trend. Therefore, we strongly believe that Intelizest's solutions will be well accepted in Vietnam market, opening up a success for Customers, Intelizes and N.O.II.


N.O.II Director