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Business Intelligence BI Tool

Never before has BI tool been so important to businesses. Rapidly developing information technology has been changing the management method as well as business model. The market and the market approach is changing ... These factors directly affect revenue, profit of the business. So, what can help leaders make right decisions? The answer is data, data sufficiency from departments, markets, online marketing, CRM…. Data is everywhere. As such, effective data exploration to provide useful information to help timely decision making is the most important requirement in the digital management era.

N.O.II is pleased to present the TurboZest BI report tool from Intelizest. This BI smart reporting tool applies the best current technology to help collect, organize data effectively, and optimize hardware performance.

We are sure that you will be amazed at how BI Turbozest smart reporting tools build data warehouses (datawarehouse), especially algorithms that help build dashboar extremely smart as data learning machines give out predictions, situation simulation, goals achieved in the future What if besides the specific reports for different departments.

Highlights of Turbozest smart reporting tool:

  • BI Turbozest smart reporting tool is built with the latest technology available today.
  • BI Turbozest smart reports can exploit any kind of data
  • BI Turbozest smart reporting can be applied to any model of business
  • BI Turbozest smart reporting tool with extremely powerful features, available with more than 120 specific BI intelligence reports to help businesses can choose a set of diverse reports.
  • BI Intelligence Report is built on cloud base so the investment cost is extremely reasonable
  • BI Turbozest smart reporting tool provides real-time dashboard
  • BI Turbozest smart reporting tool works on Android, IOS, web / base.

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