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As investors in technology, customers expect successful outcomes and benefits as follow:

  • Improve management capabilities
  • Reduce time and costs
  • Boost competitive edge
  • Enhance brand image

In reality, many information technology investment projects such as F&B solution, HR, Retails, and especially ERP solutions are often cancelled or failed to achieve any desire results.  

software consulting

Some of the common underlying causes leading to failure to achieve desire objectives (project failures) are businesses lack the expertise to properly assess and evaluate complex IT solutions, or had employed bias solution from product providers.

Complex IT solutions required high level of technical expertise; therefore, it is recommended that external IT solution experts should be consulted in order to assess suitable options, reduce costs and delays, and ensuring investment success.

N.O.II’s Responsibilities:

  • Listen and understand customer business requirements
  • Survey and analyze current business state and needs
  • Recommend resources, and investment costs
  • Plan and organize resources
  • Determine scope of work
  • Propose project objectives and selection criteria
  • Assess and evaluate suppliers
  • Evaluate project costs
  • Assist in contract preparation
  • Conclude project

N.O.II’s dedicated and knowledgeable professionals will accompany you every step of the way, helping you in choosing the most suitable vendor, with the best product, at the lowest costs.

The solutions ware consulted by N.O.II

  • ERP integration solution
  • EDI solution​
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Supply chain management System
  • Distribution Management System 
  • F&B solution

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IT Solution Consulting