Data warehouse

What is Data warehouse?

For many years working as a software application consultancy. We realize that an Enterprise will apply a variety of specialized management software for each specific management requirement. For example, they usually need ERP, CRM, TMS, HRM, Production, WMS, POS etc.

These softwares are built on different data types such as SQL server, Oracle, DB2, Hana, Excel, Access, Postgre, etc.

How to merge these datas so that data information from systems can be linked to complete BI intelligence reports?

Since then, the idea of data warehouse was born. Data warehouse is where integrate all kinds of data on a database and you can apply algorithms or machine learning technologies, process Big data on this data warehouse to make intelligent reports. BI.

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How to build a data warehouse?

You can apply many types of databases to make data warehouse. N.O.II is pleased to introduce Data warehouse solution from Intelizest. Intelizest built  BI solution called Turbozest. Turbozest uses SAP Hana to build Data warehouse.

When you use Turbonest's Data warehouse solution, you will inherit all of Hana's advanced technologies and Big Data processing ideas.

Why choose Turbozest Data warehouse solution

An effective Data warehouse must satisfy the most important requirements of current Data processing.

  • Data warehouse nên tách biệt với dữ liệu nguồn của doanh nghiệp
  • Data warehouse must integrate many types of data easily
  • Data warehouse must support Big Data processing tool
  • Data warehouse must have high performance
  • Data is taken in real time
  • After completing a Data Warehouse, it must connect easily with UI, UX solutions like Power BI, etc.
  • Data warehouse should be separated from the source data of the enterprise

To meet all these requirements, Turbozest has built Data warehouse solution meet completely and complete. Turbozest's Data warehouse solution is certified by SAP for its application, integration and testing. When you use Turbozest's data warehouse solution, you will see the efficiency, improvement in controling the business immediately.

What is the cost of building the Data warehouse of Turbonest?

Turbozest's data warehouse is built on SAP Hana platform. We can built BI directly on your existing Hana system with very reasonable cost.

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With many years of experience working on Big Data, we should you should use a Data Warehouse separate from the original database. Therefore, you can use SAP's Data warehouse on cloud at a very reasonable cost and ensure the continuity and security needed for a Data warehouse.

The time it will take to build a data warehouse depend on the number of data and report systems be aggregated. We already have 120 standard smart reports available and we believe that these reports will fully meet the information requirements of a company.

Do not hesitate to make us a call when you need to build a Data Warehouse for your company. Please further refer to these smart reporting tools and some general management reports.

  • BI Turbozest smart report
  • Smart report for CFOs
  • Smart report for CEOs
  • Smart report for COO
  • Business analysis reports for business managers
  • Business analysis reports for business managers

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Data warehouse