Packing management software

Packing software for garment, parking software for seafood, parking software for retail, parking software for manufacturing.

Packaging solution according with International Standard with DiVerify

Vietnamese manufacturers currently providing a wide array of high quality products and services to many different countries in the world, especially the Garments, Footwear, Seafood, and Agriculture industry.  In addition to product qualities, packaging qualities are expected to meet international standards and or set standards by buyers such as Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Levi’s etc.

Packaging standard with DiVerify

Packaging workflow with DiVerify

The packaging stage and process is the responsibility of the supplier in order to meet buyer’s requirements.  Effective and efficient packaging process means direct improvement to buyer’s supply chain allowing buyers to automate their inventory process, or shelves products directly, without having to incur time and costs re-labeling products from suppliers.  This in turn increases the value of suppliers and their products. 

packing list

During the packaging process, errors such as incorrect quantity, color, or size are prone to occurred.  However, with DiVerify such redundant errors can be readily eliminated through the integration with PDAs and computers.  DiVerify is a standalone solution that can be customized and configured to specific needs and easily integrated with ERP, Warehousing, and Manufacturing systems. 

Deploying our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services allow quick and easy data exchange between suppliers and buyers.  Customer orders are packaged quickly and accurately, with order confirmation send to customers through ASN (Advance Shipping Notice), establishing improved service reliability, and increase supplier’s brand value.

Main Features of DiVerify

  • Import Purchase Orders, Packing Instructions
  • Export Packing Result, Ship Loading Result, Advance Ship Notice
  • Flexible Packing Instructions (Single SKU, Mix SKUs, Pre-Pack)
  • Flexible Scanning Configurations (Single Scanning, Double Scanning, Case Pack Scanning)
  • Flexible Packing Process (Scan & Pack, Pack & Scan)
  • Flexible Ship Loading Process (Vendor Shipment, Consolidated Shipment, On-the-fly Ship Loading)
  • Print Shipping Label (UCC 128 Label) based on Buyer’s label specifications
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Support multiple warehouses/factories
  • User friendly with modern UI/UX design
  • Supports both wired scanners and PDA
  • EDI Pre-integrated

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