Improved supply chain with DiReplenish

Warehouse Auto-Restock with DiReplenish

DiReplenish brings major improvement to the efficiency of supermarket supply chain, convenience stores chain based on barcode scanning technology SBT (Scan based Trading) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

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Global supermarket chains, convenience store chains (retailers) must constantly monitor and improve their supply chain performance; supply chain efficiency is a vital part of any competitive and expansion strategy.  A few decades ago during the emergent period of supermarkets and convenience store chains, EDI applications technology had to be employed to maximize supply chain management efficiency, minimize labor costs, guarantee accuracy, reduce inventory over storage, and increase profits in conjunction with helping suppliers to become smarter, more dynamic; all while building stronger partnerships. 

N.O.II beliefs that in order to enhance competitive capabilities of supermarket chains and convenience store chains, the first improvement must be made to the retail supply chain.   Never before can improvement to retail supply chain management be made so simple, fast and cost-effective. 

How to improve retail supply chain?

  1. Retailers must synchronize their data based on EDI 852 standard
  2. Supplier uses DiReplenish to exchange sales data, allows vendor managed inventory, and auto generates inventory restocking orders for retailer stores
  3. Upload EDI 852 data to supplier’s DiReplenish

When VMI/SBT are needed:

  1. Retailer uses scan based trading technology for sale transactions
  2. Retailer allows for consignment of goods
  3. Retailer allows suppliers to remotely manage inventory of supermarkets or stores
  4. Retailer want to minimize labor costs of shipping and receiving
  5. Retailer is on specific budget for inventory restocking, need to reduce debt
  6. Retailer want to improve supply chain efficiency to increase competitiveness
  7. Suppliers is responsible for costs of product being sold in supermarket, and only collects when sales are made

DiReplenish provides full range of VMI/SBT capabilities, allowing for automated exchange of inventory data, purchase orders, and item-specific inventory analysis to auto-generate orders according to customer's rules.   This features high level of automation for virtually any product mix and scales from 50 to 50,000 locations.  VMI/SBT improves supply chain efficiency by reducing labor cost and man-hours and eliminating non-value added processes such as store level receiving or storage.  VMI/SBT helps every trade partners to be more dynamic and efficient, as supplier distributes goods to thousands of locations, the accumulated quantifiable benefits is paramount.  

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