EDI Integration Suite for Oracle

Companies using Oracle turn to DiCentral for the most comprehensive hosted EDI integration services on the market. The DiCentral solution allows you to take your EDI program beyond traditional hosting models by providing complete mapping, integration, visibility, control, and communication.

edi intergration for oracle

DiCentral's unique SaaS architecture allows companies to leverage Oracle's EDI Gateway and Oracle's E-business suite to the fullest at a lower total cost of ownership. With more visibility than most in-house EDI translation tools, DiWeb enables full display of inbound and outbound data for hands-on control. DiCentral's ability to manage large volumes of transactions and deliver clear EDI or XML data allows Oracle application users to simplify their business processes and focus on their core competencies.

With the Oracle E-Commerce Gateway, messages may be translated, sent, and received in any format, including XML, CBL, cXML, ASCII, CSV, ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. Encrypted data is exchanged through firewalls, providing a reliable transaction environment that protects sensitive information of both partner and customer. Documents can be transported via internet standard protocols, including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), VAN, AS3, AS2, AS1, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Simple Mail Transport Protocol.

edi integration suite for oracle

EDI integration suite for Oracle

Why Work with DiCentral:

  • Leverage your investment in Oracle and increase level of communication with your trading partner ecosystem
  • Achieve lower total cost of ownership without relinquishing control and visibility
  • Accelerate solution adoption and ROI with DiCentral's Proven Integration Methodology
  • No technology footprint lowers management of systems
  • Streamlines and automates critical business processes to drive down costs
  • Improve trading partner relationships
  • Share transaction data securely with role-based access allowing for faster decision making across the enterprise

Personal Service Guarantee:

Managing your EDI program can require as little as one hour a day or may demand much more complex interaction. Let DiCentral's experienced team handle the ongoing management. DiCentral has the seasoned Oracle EDI integration professionals to help you complete your project. Oracle formats are leveraged to make your implementation a success.

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EDI Integration Suite for Oracle