EDI integrated suite for SAP business byDesign

Benefits of managed EDI 

The DiCentral EDI Integrated Suite for SAP Business ByDesign is a fully hosted, seamless, and AS2-enabled solution that achieves the true optimization of business practices for which EDI has always been intended.

edi integration for sap business bydesign

All mapping, trading partner management, testing, configuration, and 997 Functional Acknowledgement tracking are fully managed without the need for updates or patches to be purchased or installed by end users.  

Full data integration

SAP Business ByDesign users' sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data are all fully integrated and reconciled, eliminating any need for manual intervention. 

Customer and supplier-facing EDI

Capable of both customer and supplier-facing EDI, the SAP Business ByDesign platform now combines the substantial cost savings of a fully hosted EDI model with the technological capabilities of solutions that were until recently unavailable to small and medium-sized enterprises. 

A single environment

The solution comes equipped with validation, automation, and reporting functionalities that have been designed with the user in mind and that enable SAP Business ByDesign users to take full advantage of the SAP Business ByDesign platform. Seamless data integration and embedded functionality allow all EDI related activities to be executed within the native end-user environment of SAP Business ByDesign.

Cost-benefit analysis

With all important and large-scale projects, roll-out and optimization of an EDI solution must undergo a detailed analysis to determine its profitability. DiCentral has mastered the cost-benefit analysis process. We would be pleased to help you run a project feasibility evaluation. You'll come away with an exact summary of project costs and user fees, when you can expect to see a return on your investment and just how much money you'll be saving. 

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EDI integrated suite for SAP business byDesign