DiIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Software plus Services Integrated EDI Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DiIntegrator's advanced solution for integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures secure and accurate flow of critical business data. Its built-in adaptors provide seamless integration which minimizes errors, while maintaining import/export visibility. DiCentral's expertise with Microsoft ensures compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics AX application.

edi integration for microsoft dynamics ax

DiIntegrator is a pre-built EDI solution installed locally but managed by DiCentral's Software plus Services internet infrastructure. This unique architecture allows quick installations and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance.

Unique "Processing Agents" within DiIntegrator are designed to manage and manipulate large volumes of EDI data. The increased functionality of DiIntegrator allows you to simplify fulfillment processes and comply with today's most challenging supply chain requirements.

DiCentral now offers an embedded solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Click here to learn more.

edi integration for microsoft dynamics ax

EDI integration for microsoft dynamics ax


  • No manual re-keying of data.
  • Software plus services model.
  • Connects to ANY trading partner.
  • Seamless path for data to user's application.
  • Applies unique business rules and policies of trading partners.
  • Unique data control and visibility.
  • Easy to use and quick implementation.


  • Prevent manual data entry errors.
  • Eliminate costly and unnecessary chargebacks.
  • Reallocate valuable resources.
  • Seamless path for data to user's application.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Ensure ASNs reflect accurate packing quantities.
  • Improve return on investment.

Synchronization problem:

Are you expanding your current client base? Do you find it increasingly difficult synchronizing all the unique EDI data sent from each business partner into Microsoft Dynamics AX? The reality is that Microsoft Dynamics AX isn't designed to accommodate every partner's EDI formats. Allow DiIntegrator to seamlessly synchronize your EDI data through our custom-built Item Synchronization, Customer Synchronization, and Term Synchronization.

Item Synchronization:

Item information sent from your customer is now compatible in Microsoft Dynamics AX with DiIntegrator's custom-built cross-reference table. Item Synchronization can ensure the UPC codes received from your business partner are exported as an item name recognized by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Customer Synchronization:

When you have multiple trading partners it is critical to have invoices properly transferred to the appropriate account in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Customer Synchronization provides quick and accurate distribution, eliminating the potential risks associated with improper exporting of data.

Term Synchronization:

Identifying special terms with each trading partner is made easy with DiIntegrator's Term Synchronization. Whether your purchase order contains incomplete business terms, new business terms, or none, DiIntegrator will confirm all information against Microsoft Dynamics AX before exporting is allowed. Validating all business arrangements will save your company time, confusion, and investment.

Easily synchronize your items and customers with DiIntegrator's synchronization processes.

Provide seamless and accurate export of EDI data into your Microsoft Dynamics GP application.

View your integrated EDI sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Reference: dicentral.com

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DiIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics AX