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DiIntegrator Enterprise: Revolutionary Technology Simplifies Multi-Party EDI

Accuracy and speed are crucial within the supply chain, yet maintaining accuracy and speed is a monumental challenge when serving multiple customers or divisions-DiCentral's DiIntegrator Enterprise streamlines the operations of supply chain service organizations, and simplifies the management of important electronic trading partner relationships. Whether you are a logistics provider or a multi-division distributor, DiIntegrator Enterprise is an effective solution. The problems with the many-to-many model for EDI have always been limited by technology. DiIntegrator Enterprise is a localized EDI Integration platform which allows the user to perform the tasks of multiple parties from one system. By partitioning data into customer profiles and adding the preconfigured trading partner rules to each profile, the administration and maintenance of multi-party EDI relationships is greatly simplified.

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  • EDI Compliance: Assure EDI rule compliance with DiIntegrator Enterprise by automating the order to ASN and UCC128 carton label process
  • Dash Board: Gives the user the ability to check the status of all documents for all vendors and retailers in DiIntegrator Enterprise
  • Advanced Auto Fill: Programmatically capture data from MS Access, SQL, and Excel databases to improve business process
  • Test/Production Mode: Allows user to switch to TEST mode for hands-on practice, then back to production mode
  • Auto Archive: Provides a scheduling wizard to automatically archive/backup your transaction data
  • Trading Partner Management: All upgrades, maintenances, adding vendor(s), adding retailers are a one click function (adding vendor/retailer requires approval before downloading
  • Programmable Business Rule Validation: All transactions sent and received can be validated by programmable rules specified by trading partner, DiCentral, or user
  • Purchase Order Process Agent: Provides the ability to process and manage multiple orders or groups of orders, e.g. order grouping and reporting
  • Invoice Process Agent: Provides the ability to process and manage large groups of customer-specific invoices
  • Allocation Wizard: Provides for retail industry-specific methods to ship available inventory across multiple store orders
  • Packing Wizard: Provides nine packing methods to create and define carton level data of the ASN
  • ASN Adjustment Wizard: Provides the ability to manage the ASN process, including the ability to view and manipulate ASN data hierarchically
  • Carton ID and Label Wizard: Enables users to combine carton ID information with UCC-128/SCC-14 labeling requirements and print labels from DII Enterprise
  • Transportation Management System (TMS): Provides capability to seamlessly process complex TMS transaction exchange (753/754)
  • Pallet ASN: Provides foundation for generating Pallet ASN's per retailer requirements
  • Label Sort and Audit: Provides ability to sort labels by product codes, store, style, and carton number, plus report for detailed review
  • Documentation: Provides product user guide and documentation
  • Standard Reports: Provides PO Summary, Item Summary, Picking List Grid, Order Level Packing Slips, Order Level Packing with Carton Detail, Carton Manifest, and Invoice Summary
  • Custom Reports: Utilize DiCentral's expertise to design custom report templates

Benefitsmo hinh tich hop edi

  • Enables supply chain service organizations to increase processing speed while maintaining higher accuracy levels
  • Simplifies Multi-Party (many-to-many) EDI management
  • Improve productivity with DiIntegrator Enterprise's preconfigured EDI business processes
  • Increases ROI by streamlining the customer onboarding process
  • Provides unmatched visibility across all profiles for higher level of customer service
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

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