Advanced EDI for Acumatica Cloud ERP

Advantages of SaaS EDI

DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for Acumatica is a fully hosted, seamless, and AS2-enabled solution that achieves the true optimization of business practices for which EDI has always been intended.

Advanced EDI for Acumatica Cloud ERP

All mapping, trading partner management, testing, configuration, and 997 Functional Acknowledgement tracking are fully managed without the need for updates or patches to be purchased or installed by end users.

Full data integration

Acumatica users' sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data are all fully integrated and reconciled, eliminating any need for manual intervention.

Additionally, there is comprehensive EDI data integration between Acumatica’s parent companies, subsidiaries, and divisions. This integration greatly improves collaboration, visibility, and optimizes processes in the supply chain. It promotes a tangible Return On Investment and radically changes the way organizations communicate and interact with each other.

Customer and supplier-facing EDI

Capable of both customer and supplier-facing EDI, Acumatica enterprises can now cost-effectively implement an EDI program with their own suppliers by combining private network transmissions with a vendor accessible web portal. The Acumatica ERP platform combines the substantial cost savings of a fully hosted EDI model with the technological capabilities of solutions that were until recently unavailable to small and medium-sized enterprises..

Overview of DiCentral's (formerly ALLiGACOM's) EDI-Integrated Suite

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  • True B2B supply chain collaboration through real-time information
  • Management by exception eliminating the need for manual tracking
  • Faster and more accurate delivery of goods
  • Inventory optimization
  • Decreased logistical costs
  • Quick and efficient new business partner adds
  • Scalable solution to handle increased transactional volume
  • Error reduction through automated business processes
  • Faster transaction processing
  • Enhanced customer service due to shorter delays in order fulfillment
  • Reduction of administrative errors
  • Tracking of all EDI transactions and increased visibility into your business community
  • Greater efficiency of internal operations
  • Improved competitive positioning
  • And much more

A Single Environment

The EDI-Integrated Suite comes equipped with validation, automation, and reporting functionalities that have been designed with the user in mind and that enable Acumatica users to take full advantage of the Acumatica platform.

Seamless data integration and embedded functionality allow all EDI related activities to be executed within the native end-user environment of Acumatica. Standard Acumatica error notifications are employed to achieve seamless management by exception best practices.

Tangible Benefits for Acumatica Users

  • Meet customers' EDI requirements
  • Reduce your trading costs
  • No manual data entry
  • Short-term ROI
  • Make use of an integrated solution to your computing environment
  • A customized and scalable solution
  • Full data synchronization
  • Fully hosted and managed EDI
  • Embedded Acumatica user environment
  • 360° supply chain efficiency
  • Maximum agility and scalability
  • Aggressive return on investment


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Advanced EDI for Acumatica Cloud ERP