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EDI for Acomba or Advantage from Acceo Solutions

Acomba or Advantage

Adding the EDI-Integrated Suite to Acomba or Advantage from Acceo Solutions means adding EDI functionalities and advanced e-commerce features too. It also means that users of your software are then able to directly access DiCentral'sadvanced B2B Cloud platform.

Acceo Solutions

With this single point of access, there can be a direct link between Acomba or Advantage from Acceo or Advantage Solutions software and the DiCentral's B2B Cloud Platform, facilitating the integration of EDI and e-commerce. This approach is a great way to automate interactions between all parties in the supply chain: suppliers, clients, carriers and other trading partners.

This integration helps organizations significantly improve collaboration, boost visibility and optimise processing of the value chain. In fact, integrating EDI/B2B with your Acomba from Acceo Solutions or your Advantage from Acceo Solutions presents a key opportunity for companies already using this technology. In addition to promoting a great return on investment, this step could also radically change the way in which organizations communicate and interact with one another.

Benefits of adding a fully integrated EDI solution to Acomba or Advantage from Acceo Solutions:

  • Better respond to your clients' EDI needs
  • Reduce your exchange costs
  • Eliminate manual data capture
  • See a quicker return on your investment
  • Use of an integrated solution in your computer equipment system
  • Get an advanced and personalized solution

Cost-benefit analysis

As is the case with all important and large-scale projects, roll-out and optimization of an EDI solution must undergo a detailed analysis to determine its profitability.

DiCentral has mastered the cost-benefit analysis process. We would be pleased to help you run a project feasibility evaluation. You'll come away with an exact summary of project costs and user fees, when you can expect to see a return on your investment and just how much money you'll be saving.


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