Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

When competing globally, it is critical to operate at international standard, providing fast and accurate services, to reduce costs, increase competitive advantages in order to maximize profitability for every transaction, no matter how big or small.  The warehouse is a crucial part of that operation, the heart of the enterprise you may say, when it comes to global supply chain management. 

warehouse management

Not just simply a storage space, warehouse speaks paramount the stature of a company.  In this age of technological advancement, warehouse has become an ever more important component of the business operation; especially for Sales, Logistic and Production.

Vietnamese enterprises today can no longer afford to segregate their supply chain management; therefore, N.O.II is proud to present the advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) from DiCentral Vietnam, an international cutting-edge solution and technology through the use of Barcode, and RFID.

The warehouse management system supports multi-location management, through integrative solutions such as order management, auto-refilling of inventory, auto generate purchase order to suppliers, and automates receiving against inbound orders.

warehouse management

Our warehouse management solution comes with various investment options fitting your budget and information technology needs.  You can choose to purchase the software solution (On – Premise) or through our subscription services, and hardware based on cloud computing (Cloud based).  In addition, the Warehouse Management System has built in DiCentral specialized EDI solutions, to further enhanced its capability to communicate and add values to other operation such logistic, improve customer relationship management, support packaging, and support warehouse cost monitoring; enabling effective global business development and expansion.

Warehouse management system for 3pl DiSmartTurn - The warehouse management sofware services for 3pl on cloud base

Warehouse fulfilment system DiReplenish - To support vendor management inventory VMI and scan base trading SBT

Order and inventory management system DiOMS - Manage the inventory and order software

Warehouse management system for CFS WMSVN - Warehouse management software for CFS apply for port

Packing management solution - Packing management software DiVerify

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