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EDI Solution – EDI on Cloud Computing

N.O.II is now a believer of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).  What about you?  As a business with a forward vision on IT investment, you want to improve your business capacity, you want to reach the global market, you’ve envisioned your products on shelves of global leading retailers such as WalMart, Kroger, Walgreens, Metro, and AEON…  To help bringing those visions to life, we strongly encourage you to explore N.O.II’s exclusive distribution of DiCentral EDI advance services and solutions in Vietnam. 

Edi solution - Eid on cloud computing

Imagine EDI as a web of networks bridging multiple partners of B2B e-commerce, helping you to automate the transmitting and receiving of transaction information such as purchase orders (PO), advanced shipping notice (ASN), vouchers, bills etc. among business partners. 

Renowned global retailers and shipping carriers are presently using EDI to exchange vital transaction information with their business partners worldwide, from inventory data, packing and branding, and bills of lading; thus it can be said that EDI is the main communication standard for global supply chain that emerging enterprises must abide.   

So how will your data be standardized into EDI standard enabling exchanges with business partners?  How to process and transfer data between different systems and platforms?  N.O.II is proud to present advance DiCentral technology and solutions that are essential for your EDI integration and exchange.

value of edi reporting

EDI solution on cloud computing - Saas data integration

  • Easy to change EDI witht DiWeb
  • Full control EDI with DiFlatfile
  • Simple EDI with  DiIntegrator

EDI turnkey solution - On_Premese data integration

  • DiTranslator
  • DiUnite

EDI gate way

  • B2B EDI gate way DiConnect

EDI solution for report

  • DiAnalyst
  • DiMetrics
  • DiReport

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