Supply chain Management

Supply chain management by EDI

Supply Chain, has been a familiar phrase worldwide and now becoming common in the Vietnam.  As global competition expect high specialization, therefore businesses joining supply chain domain must focus on maximizing competitive advantage, at the same time communicate with partners within the supply chain effectively and seamlessly.  Therefore, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is an indispensable tool allowing seamless integration within the Supply chain.

DiCentral is the fastest growing company, providing EDI services and Solutions to support supply chain management, in the world.  In Vietnam, N.O.II is the exclusive partner of DiCentral, specializing in the implementing DiCentral EDI solutions for Vietnam such as EDI ERP integration solution, Warehouse management, Logistic, Packaging solutions according to international standard, and Inventory Control and Order management. DiCentral EDI services offer cloud based service or a complete turn-key solution (On-Premise).

The demand for data exchange between various components within the supply chain is extremely large and complex. With DiCentral supply chain smart solutions, complex problems become simplified, providing customers with rapid adaptability in the global environment, accurate transmitting and receiving of data, reduce costs and eliminate manual processes in manufacturing and sales.

edi integrated in supply chain management

For all your supply chain and integration solution needs, N.O.II is here to support you, as a trusted partner, providing world fastest growing DiCentral Supply Chain management and EDI integration advance solutions, helping your business to grow and expand in the global stage.

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