Supply Chain Management for Retail Industry

The supply chain management software for retail, the tool electronic data interchange integration help manage the PO, invoice, ASN ...

Supply Chain Management for Retail

It is our pleasure at N.O.II to introduce to you DiCentral Supply Chain Management services for the Retail industry.  This supply chain solution has been successfully utilized by various small, medium and large retail businesses.  Our solutions help to simplify system communication between partners and support the modification and improvement of important business process.

supply chain management for retail

Our solutions provide the tools to better manage sales orders and documents; supports effective communication with business partners; enhances the monitoring of partner’s related activities and the automation of critical business processes.

In Vietnam

Product Suppliers to large Supermarket chain such as AEON and Metro, please contact us.  Our team of experts can help your business to better connect with the aforementioned entities, streamline trading procedures to increase profit. 

For Supermarket chain and convenience stores, N.O.II is honored to be your provider of EDI service and supply chain solutions, helping to better assess, evaluate and manage vendors;  in addition, help to simplify the purchasing process between buyers and suppliers.  Furthermore, we are currently engaging in exchange of EDI with hundreds of businesses and companies in Vietnam, and around the world, thus, enabling our client unprecedented access to quality product suppliers.     

Available Retail Supply Chain Management software

Supply chain management software for buyers

  • Order Management
  • Supplier Enablement and Testing
  • Data Translation and Mapping
  • Integration
  • Trading Partner Connectivity
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Managed Services
  • Drop Ship Enablement

supply chain management software for suppliers

  • EDI Implementation
  • Data Translation and Mapping
  • Integration
  • Logistics Management
  • Transaction Visibility
  • Order, Inventory, and Warehouse Management

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