Supply Chain Automation and Visibility for the 3PL Industry

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Automated Supply Chain Management for 3PL/Distribution

Today, customers demand more from providers of Logistic services, expecting to closely monitor transporting routes and cargo status.  So how do you plan to meet and possibly exceed such demands in order to increase your competitive advantage?  N.O.II is pleased to introduce DiCentral EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution for 3PL (Third Party Logistic).

supply chain solution
With edi 3PL solution, Logistic service providers can instantly give status update to buyers, and suppliers, allowing suppliers to truly leverage third party logistics services efficiently as if it is their own.  Furthermore, fully integrated automated payments complete customer orders without the need for manual works, reducing labor time and costs.

N.O.II provides EDI 3PL solution at a reasonable cost, helping businesses to exchange and update important information with trading partners effortlessly.  In addition our solutions come with built-in friendly user interface and a passionate team of experts ready to assist in the deployment of EDI solution for your business quickly and conveniently.


Our core capability is in providing an effective solution that is robust and scalable in order to readily meet your business needs, and even allowing for the sharing of relevant business reports with your customers or suppliers.  DiCentral solutions provide businesses with the best solutions to meet customer demands without the increased in business costs.  

Benefits of EDI for 3PL

  • Automation of EDI orders and shipment information for higher level of productivity
  • Scalability without the increased cost of additional hardware and maintenance
  • Greater accuracy and visibility for improved service levels
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Share business intelligence data and increase customer retention
  • Solution delivered and ready to implement with DiCentral's full support staff available for consultation

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