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ERP Integration - ERP integration solution

ERP integration, data transfer and exchange with other software application and even between two ERP systems have always been a challenging task. ERP integration is time intensive but does not always yield the desire results. This is simply due to the nature of how systems have been built. Consequently, this renders many corporate’s ERP system detached. However, the needs for ERP’s integration with other applications and expansion cannot simply be abandoned, thus time and efforts are spent on work-arounds to input external data into ERP system.

erp integration solution

With DiCentral ERP integration solution, previous difficulties can be quickly resolved, while ensuring data integrity, all at reasonable costs. At N.O.II, we have the pleasure to introduce all of DiCentral ERP Integration solutions to the Vietnam market.

ERP integration solutionOur integrated solutions include ERP toolkits that can be installed directly into your ERP system to send and receive data, and Data Conversion solution for flat files such as CSV, Excel, XML. In addition, our specialized EDI technology works to further simplify the integration process between two systems. 

N.O.II is pleased and excited to hear about your ERP integration needs. Please contact us with your integration questions and requests. You will not have to wait any longer to have your system working smoothly, efficiently, and seamlessly.   

Our Previously Delivered ERP Integration Solutions:

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