DiWeb - EDI solution

DiWeb is an EDI Solution That is Fast, Complete, and Easy to Use.

EDI solution that is Web Based

At N.O.II, we offer an advanced, cost effective, hosted EDI solution through DiCentral's DiWeb. Your EDI transactions are effortlessly validated, transmitted, and completed quickly and without delays. DiWeb offers real-time visibility of all your documents throughout the entire supply chain.

This visibility is built in to our EDI web application at no extra cost. Also, we offer seamless EDI integration to or from any backend application such as your accounting package. When you choose us as your EDI provider, you will become instantly compliant with your trading partner.

Our EDI solution meets the demanding and complex requirements for any of your EDI needs. Our EDI solution works for one or more trading partners for your small or large business, or if you are a buyer needing to provide vendors with reliable, cost-effective EDI. Regardless of your EDI needs, DiWeb is your best solution.

Our EDI Features forward transaction capability with no hassle shipping and packing. Easy UCC-128 label printing to any printer. You are in control of your EDI at all times with multiple user login capability. Our software can dramatically reduce charge-backs.

edi solution on web base

Connect to any EDI trading partner

With automatic email notifications of orders. DiWeb our EDI solution is very user-friendly. It includes no-hassle shipping and packing options with easy UCC-128 label printing to any printer. Our Web based EDI solution does not require an up front software investment and comes with FREE customer support.

"DiCentral was very helpful. They were there to answer basic EDI questions all the way to customized problem shooting, truly beneficial partnership."

Shelly Nixon, Retail Concept

"It made a big difference to us that we select a technology provider with user-friendly integration tools that provide for rapid implementation times."

Prased Nettem, Chicago Public Schools

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