DiIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP

DiIntegrator Improves Microsoft Dynamics GP Return on Investment with Integrated Software Plus Services EDI Solution

Eliminate manual data entry and the associated errors with DiIntegrator's advanced solution for seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

DiCentral's automated technology allows secure and accurate importing and exporting of all critical business data. DiIntegrator's built-in Application Program Interface (API) provides seamless integration which minimizes errors while providing structure and control to the order fulfillment process. DiIntegrator comes with natural workflow designed into the interface to ensure simplicity for the complete EDI process.

DiIntegrator is a preconfigured Software Plus Services EDI solution installed locally and managed by DiCentral's SaaS internet infrastructure. This unique architecture allows quick installations and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance. When this design is combined with DiCentral's knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics GP, it provides a seamless path for data to the user's application. Maintain the advantages of complete visibility and redundancy through the benefits of DiCentral's hybrid infrastructure.

DiIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Software Plus Services platform simplifies EDI integration experience and delivers faster ROI
  • Minimize errors caused by manual data entry
  • Eliminate costly and unnecessary chargebacks
  • Reallocate valuable resources to focus on core business processes
  • Single-source solution streamlines customer support
  • Speed order-to-cash process

Software Plus Services Simplifies EDI

The typical EDI integration solution is made of many parts from various providers. DiIntegrator is built by DiCentral and is centrally maintained through our SaaS network. Since DiIntegrator is a locally installed extension of the SaaS network's EDI capabilities, the deployment, maintenance, and updating of the EDI system is greatly simplified.

Synchronization problem

Do you find it increasingly difficult synchronizing all the unique EDI data sent from each business partner into Microsoft Dynamics GP? DiIntegrator makes it easier to bring Dynamics GP into compliance with EDI trading partners because DiCentral handles the data rules that are unique to EDI. Allow DiIntegrator to seamlessly synchronize your EDI data through our Dynamics GP Application Program Interface (API).

Item Synchronization

Item Synchronization can ensure the UPC codes received from your business partner are exported as an item name recognized by Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Customer Synchronization

When you have multiple trading partners it is critical to have invoices properly transferred to the appropriate account in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Customer Synchronization provides quick and accurate distribution, eliminating the potential risks associated with improper exporting of data.

Dynamic Inventory Update

DiIntegrator's Dynamic Inventory Update synchronizes with Dynamics GP to automatically update both systems with the correct shipping information. By automatically updating inventory for shipped items within Dynamics GP, DiIntegrator allows growing companies to manage heavier data loads in less time and comply with industry requirements.

Easily synchronize your items and customers with DiIntegrator's synchronization processes. Provide seamless and accurate export of EDI data into your Microsoft Dynamics GP application. DiIntegrator auto updates inventory levels to synchronize shipped items in GP to shipped items in outbound EDI shipping documents.

Reference: dicentral.com

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