DiConnect & DiConnect Lite

When all trading partners communicate electronically, information travels faster and with greater accuracy, improving decision-making and reducing costs. Enter DiConnect, the most comprehensive B2B gateway solution available for messaging, mapping, transformation, trading partner community management, tracking, and auditing. Web-based, it leverages the latest industry standards and provides for direct, secure data exchange and can reduce the time, cost, and effort of fulfilling electronic communication requirements.

For data exchange in the supply chain of financial services, government and healthcare organizations, the integrity and security of the data transfer itself is imperative. The type of business documents and information may vary by industry or enterprise, but the goals are the same: the standardized, synchronized, and streamlined exchange of information across your trading partner community.

Efficient communication with your trading partners also depends on a high level of seamless interaction between disparate solutions and support for customer and industry initiatives. By leveraging the Internet and industry standards, DiConnect can enable your entire community of trading partners to exchange information electronically-even partners that currently exchange information via fax or phone - minimizing the manual rekeying of paper transactions and the need to connect to a VAN (Value Added Network). It's also interoperable with third-party solutions that support standards-based data transport.

With DiConnect, you can:

  • Simplify trading community management with integrated supply chain communication solutions .
  • Meet industry mandates and trading partner requirements.
  • Realize 100% trading partner connectivity.
  • Minimize inefficiencies, transaction-processing costs and cycle times.
  • Gain real-time visibility into business activity and performance.
  • Integrate existing EDI or data translator/mapper solutions and back-office systems with ease.
  • Plan for future growth with a flexible, scalable solution.
  • Enable the cost-effective and secure electronic exchange of information with your trading partners.

DiConnect supports any of the popular encryption, signing, and compression algorithms and cryptographic message formats used today.

DiConnect supports evolving EDI requirements with:

  • Secure file transfer of business data and documents internally and with your trading partners.
  • Several secure managed file transfer options and secure transports, including AS1* (SMTP), AS2 (HTTP), AS3* (FTP), ebXML* and other network-based protocols and web services.
  • Non-repudiation with proof of transmission and receipt.
  • Integrity of business data/documents with signed and encrypted documents and encrypted HTTP/s and FTP/s connections.
  • Complete audit trail of all business data/documents exchanged via DiConnect.

Multiple business requirements, single solution:

DiCentral can provide you with one fully integrated solution to fulfill the communication and security requirements of your trading partners:

Any-to-any connectivity-any supported data format, any supported transport protocol. With DiConnect, how you connect is up to you. DiConnect enables simple point-and-click configuration of each partner's communication preferences, and its open connectivity eases back-office system integration.

Map your way to success-With wizards and drag-and drop functionality for quick and easy mapping, you can create mapping rules or use JavaScript for more complex and sophisticated translations. The solution also facilitates flexible data conversion, including flat file, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and GENCOD.

Data transformation services-DiConnect meets today's data translation needs with compliant data transformation for EDI, XML, text files and database-to-database, as well as:

  • Transformation control numbers at interchange and group levels within a party.
  • Processing rules and document parsing/splitting that can occur prior to transformation rule actions .
  • A new transformation party at no additional cost.
  • Scalability to over ten million transformations per day.
  • Transaction management, archiving, and reporting.

Activity and Exception Management:

Users can create rules for document integration and metadata-driven routing (e.g. identify POs with certain value ranges, route certain documents to other applications or notify the warehouse manager when DiConnect simplifies trading community management by consolidating transformation and connectivity needs in one place, and provide a detailed audit trail for expedient issue resolution and control when a particular trading partner's transaction has been processed). Exception management capabilities proactively locate and list all errors relevant to individual user responsibilities, and alerts the right people when potential business issues arise.

Scalable Solution:

DiConnect is Microsoft Technology-based, bringing high scalability and fault tolerance to your B2B communications. This scalability enables you to easily support increased transaction volumes as more partners participate or M&A activity increases the scope of your business. It supports the cloud architecture by using clustering and "load-balancing" technologies. Also, it includes the multi-level access for large-scale organizations.

Securely exchange data:

When it comes to electronically exchanging the information that runs your business, security is paramount. In addition to fulfilling the most demanding security requirements of suppliers and retailers across the supply chain, DiConnect is designed to meet the strictest requirements of financial, healthcare, and government institutions.

DiConnect Lite - Need the advantages of DiConnect, but on a smaller scale? We've got you covered.

DiConnect Lite: Streamline trading community management from your browser.

DiConnect Lite is a solution designed for small to medium-sized organizations that need secure connectivity internally and with up to 5 trading partners. An embedded database is included with simplified implementation in a small footprint. DiConnect Lite is a turnkey solution gateway for all inbound and outbound data, isolating and guarding your systems from exposure to outside vulnerabilities. It also helps direct inbound messages to ensure your back-end systems don't get backlogged and inbound documents don't fall through the cracks.


DiConnect supports the most secure data transfer standards available-with encryption for privacy, digital signatures for authentication and non-repudiation-and is backed up by a full PKI solution, ensuring transactions arrive unaltered and that senders and receivers are who they claim to be.

DiCentral's encryption process supports the high-speed throughput of large amounts of encrypted data, reducing bottlenecks and keeping transactions flowing.

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