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Our system provides sales analysis and reports to help enhance your product's sales performance. When it comes to data analysis, DiCentral delivers unsurpassed value with proven results.

Sales Analysis: EDI Analyst Solution: Better Business Intelligence & Informed Decision Making at Your Fingertips

Business intelligence is a critical component for better decision making within any organization. N.O.II delivers a robust, cost effective solution that provides analyzed sales data quickly to your company. By putting powerful, easy reporting and analysis tools into the hands of more people across an organization, DiAnalyst creates an empowered and informed corporate structure. Sharing point of sale data, once a technical challenge, has now been made easier than ever with DiAnalyst's web-hosted analytical solution. Our system provides sales analysis and reports to help enhance your product's sales performance. When it comes to data analysis, DiAnalyst delivers unsurpassed value with proven results.

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Analytical Problem

Excited about viewing your product activity reports, but have no resource for analyzing the data? Do you find standard reports to be of limited use, and hesitate to deal with the hassle of involving your IT department or the associated costs of consultants? Put the reports to work for you with DiAnalyst's state of the art analytical capabilities, detailed breakdowns and rolled-up summaries of your product activity. Significant sales data translates into a more robust collaborative relationship with your buyers while maximizing your sales performance.

Right Tools for the Right Job

The reality is that each retailer has their own unique communication and data format method, which can leave the suppliers with a translation dilemma. From a supplier perspective, the time it takes to manipulate data from multiple retailers into one standardized report is a daunting task. Eliminate this problem with DiAnalyst's advanced solution for secure and accurate conversion of your critical business data into customized reports. Suppliers can now easily compare and interpret statistics from all trading partners in one standardized format.


  • Product Performance Reporting:bao cao thong minh
    Provides meaningful reports through a consistent method of analysis with high level summaries of product activity into different segments of business (i.e. region, store, style, and UPC's).
  • Effortless Trading Partner Setup:
    Simple setup for suppliers with easy implementation and deployment.
  • Supports Multiple Communication Methods:
    Streamline method of sharing data between you and your buyers.
  • Customized Delivery Scheduler:
    Distribute certain reports to specific representative within your business.
  • Anticipate Buyer/Supplier Demand Issues:
    To anticipate product performance before issues arise.


  • Greater Visibility:
    Improve forecasting of future business, enabling you to play a more proactive role in VMI or sales promotion.
  • Quick Return on Investment:
    Reduction in time to deploy brings immediate results without utilizing costly resources.
  • Streamline Communication:
    Sales data is sent in customized, easily accessible format which reduces the chance of duplicating data being exchanged.
  • Quick Distribution:
    Data can be analyzed and acted upon promptly to ensure immediate decisions are made on your current sales trends.
  • Improve Vendor Scorecard:
    Use reports to analyze inventory and item movement throughout the retail chain.

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